SIMD book, first draft published!

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From the update:

Ok, I've been busy the past days, I started writing the book (using LaTeX :), and I'd like to say that progress has been good. I fixed the current list of SIMD engines that I'm going to include and it's a long one:

  • MMX(64-bit)
  • SSE*(128-bit)
  • AVX & AVX2 (256-bit)
  • NEON (armv7)
  • NEON (armv8, not much info yet, but will update the book as I'm gathering more info on armv8 architecture).
  • AltiVec/VMX (as present in current PowerPC CPUs)
  • VMX128 (as implemented in the Xenon CPU in the Xbox360, though information on it has been really hard to find).
  • VSX (used in current high end IBM Power CPUs, such as Power7/Power8).

So far I've almost finished with plain addition (the usual adding of two SIMD vectors), and started working on saturated addition. What's missing is:

  • Diagrams that explain the addition operation
  • Fix the text to provide more variety, right now text for each subsection is a copy paste from the previous one.
  • Add examples for Assembly instructions
  • Make the C examples more explanatory and add the expected outcome for each instruction.
  • Add text for the first chapters (mainly descriptions for each SIMD engine), but more importantly explain the datatypes.
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