Paper: vectorized Adler32 in Altivec, 2005

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Back in 2005, I was convinced that I could vectorize most/all of vital/unoptimized core routines of the system to use Altivec. Sadly, I was wrong, it was a huge task and it wasn't even my full-time job. I did however manage to optimize *some* routines, even as a proof of concept. Adler32 hashing function was the first of those and to prove my point, I wrote a small paper for it. It wasn't really entirely rigorous in terms of mathematical fullness of proof, but it was correct and the code was indeed that much faster. I didn't push it upstream and since that time I think other implementations were made public -better/worse? I have no idea. But I will include this here, nonetheless, because AFAIC it was the first adler32 altivec working implementation.