New owner/maintainer for CSVChart Drupal module

Back in ~2008, I had created a small Drupal module that used CustomFilter and Google Chart Tools: Image Charts, called CSV Chart. It was a simple module that took embedded CSV data and presented them as Google charts. It was very handy for what I wanted -and still want- to do, present benchmarks for my work on Altivec (and now in general SIMD).

However, I don't really code in PHP anymore -haven't coded PHP since 2010- so the module was left to bitrot. I did some minor adjustment to run with the current D7-based site, but that was it.

Thankfully, others found the module useful to use and adopt and the result has been that in the last days I transfered ownership of the CSV Chart to Pierre Vriens, so that he can continue development and maintenance of this tiny module. I would like to publicly thank Pierre for his work!

And that's the beauty of Free Software!