back online!

After a long time of inactivity, I've finally put some effort in modernizing and bringing back to life. I've also decided to make it my single point of information for my current/past projects, or any other technical stuff I may deem interesting to post. Though my focus has changed significantly in the past -I do not write Altivec code 100% of my time- I will still post stuff relevant to vectorization, Altivec and NEON (SSE not so much, there is plenty of info for that out there). I might also post OpenCL stuff online, as I lately started messing with that a bit.

I have revamped the old posts and removed some as well, removed old comments and users that had never logged in in the site (sorry for that, I will probably use some kind of OpenID or SSO to post comments, but haven't decided yet). Regarding revamping, LaTeX math output is not using DruTeX anymore, but rather MathJax module that renders directly on the browser -faster and better looking too! Also, I've updated csvchart module with work with Drupal 7 now and will contribute that back to the drupal module I had written back in 2008.

I've removed information about the libfreevec benchmarks, as I've decided to drop the old project completely and start working on the new version more regularly. The old libfreevec, while it worked as buggy in some points and didn't make use of the modular approach that I'd like to work on. The new one, will more likely be a glibc addon/patch and will allow for better testing debugging (no more macros, welcome inline functions!).

I'll be more verbose in what I do for current projects including code in github/bitbucket or pet projects like upgrading my old and trusty powerbook (sadly my Pegasos II board doesn't work reliably anymore). But I have plenty of ARM boards/systems (incl. lots of Efika MX systems) that I plan to actively work on and help with mainlining support in uboot, kernel and eventually in Debian.

Stay tuned -but don't hold your breath for that stuff, this is all free-time stuff, while I like to work on this, it doesn't pay the bills and is entirely my hobby.

- Konstantinos