Conference: PowerPC+Altivec, Czenstochowa, Poland 2005

For some weird reason, in 2005 Genesi -which I was working for at that time- suggested that I go and give a talk in some University in Poland. The talk would be about Altivec and PowerPC. Being the SIMD and Altivec fanatic that I was at that time, I accepted without hesitation. The whole experience was really interesting, I met nice people, but sadly I felt the talk was completely out of context -the other speakers were talking about .Net and stuff. Still I liked the travelling and I visited Krakow for the first time, which is a very nice city -Czenstochowa was ok, can't say I was crazy about it, though I did get a nice tour in the city and everyone said with pride that it was the Pope's birthcity.

Anyway, here are the slides in PDF