Conference: Altivec+libfreevec, Helsinki 2005

Following the Altivec theme, I did a first presentation of libfreevec in the 2nd Debconf that I went to, DC5 in Helsinki in 2005. I gave the first -rather optimistic I have to say now- results of libfreevec and made bold promises that I would eventually try to merge it in glibc. Naive me!

Since then, many things changed, I did get it workign, performance wasn't 500% faster, but it *was* faster -typical desktop would get 30-40% faster- but I got very disappointed at the attitude of some glibc developers at that time and just gave up in trying to merge the patches. Eventually, I decided to create a full-blown glibc-replacement, something that I've since realized is a huge goal, but I haven't given up on it entirely, I think I might just fork and work on glibc instead directly.

Anyway, get the slides in PDF form.