Paper: Inverse of Matrix 4x4 using partitioning in Altivec, 2008

Actually that one is already on this site :)
In 2008, I tried to revive my original idea of vectorizing the world for Altivec, I actually made good progress, then I made the mistake of getting a completely unrelated project (Java EE, ugh) that basically eventually made me shutdown my company, and lose 2 years of possible progress in Altivec and vectorizations.

Check here for the paper.

Inverse of Matrix 4x4 using partitioning in Altivec

We tackle the 4x4 matrix inversion using the matrix partitioning method, as described in the "Numerical Recipes in C" book (2nd ed., though I guess it will be similar in the 3rd edition). Using the AltiVec SIMD unit, we achieve almost 300% increase in performance, making the routine the fastest -at least known to us, matrix inversion method!
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