Yellow Dog Linux 6.2 includes libfreevec!

Here's the link to the announcement:


From the press release:

YDL 6.2 now offers libfreevec, a (LGPL) library with replacement routines for GLIBC, such as memcpy(), strlen(), etc. These routines, which have been rewritten and optimized to use the AltiVec vector engine found in the G4/G4+ PowerPC CPUs, can provide for up to 25% increase in application performance.

HOWTO: Using libfreevec using LD_PRELOAD

Ok, let's suppose you've downloaded libfreevec, built it successfully and now you want to use it for the whole system, without recompiling the whole system to use the library! Is it possible? Thanks to a glibc feature you can!

There are two ways to do that:

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